Lukáš Kubala is a young and ever more successful Slovak artist.
He graduated from the School of Performing Arts and with its original
approach has been recognized at many exhibitions in Slovakia and other
European countries. Kubala brings new and fresh drafts into the
realms of traditional academic and space painting.
He works with the visual language of graffiti, street art and urban
murals. In his works he reflects the social situation, changing views and
preferences of today’s person or the problematic status of an individual
in the world today. Backdrops of his works are often urban spaces,
stylized by an expressive manner, into which he often places figure or
female nude as a focal point of human perception. His rough painting
style combines abstract elements with geometric motifs and figural
scenes into alarming, urgent and open artistic statement.
His work, which is characterized by its contemporary and
attractive painting and semantic beddings, attracts the audiences of all
ages, because even though it`s very specific and expressively young,
the informative content affects all of us.

Sollo Exhibitions :

2013 -TWO WORLDS,River Gallery,Bratislava,Slovakia

2012-Street in the Citadela,Praha,Czech Republic

2011-I see passion everywhere,gallery BCPB.Bratislava,Slovakia


Collective Exhibition:

2010-Perla dell Adriatico,gallery Grottemmare,Italy

2010-YoungpART&LK,Panorama center,Bratislava,Slovakia

2010-Anticipation of our future,Panorama center,Bratislava,Slovakia,gallery on

2010-OFF LINE cultur project,Grafitty building,Bratislava,Slovakia


2010- Selection of Slovakian paintings,Meghivo gallery Hungary

2011-ARTSHOW “Umenie mesta”,Panorama center,Bratislava,Slovakia

2011-Something is wrong,gallery X,Bratislava,Slovakia

2011-Amores peros,European center of arts,Bratislava,Slovakia

2013-Urban Art Clash,PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, Berlin, Germany


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    […] Lukáš Kubala is a young artist from Slovakia – see more from him on his Facebook page and website. […]

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